Legally Speaking: Acute fatty liver disease in pregnancy results in stillbirthThe verdicts and settlements involved in this case and 8 others.
Vasa previa
Vasa previaIn high-risk patients, use of ultrasound for prenatal diagnosis of this anomaly can enable cesarean delivery and avoid rupture of fetal vessels.
Protocols for High-Risk Pregnancies SnapshotThe key messages of Protocol 42: Preterm Labor.
Helping your epileptic patient
Helping your epileptic patientAn overview of anti-epileptic drugs and their use during pregnancy, as well as other perinatal considerations for women with seizure disorders.
Cesarean scar pregnancy diagnosis and managementThis rare but dangerous complication may lead to loss of the uterus if misdiagnosed.
Cardiovascular disease in pregnancy: What ob/gyns need to knowNormal physiologic complaints of pregnancy overlap with cardiac-related symptoms. A multidisciplinary approach is critically important for care of a pregnant woman with heart disease.
Is ultrasound the visual stethoscope that will change the ob/gyn world?Ultrasound could replace the stethoscope in ob/gyn, says this doctor who trains practitioners in the developing world.
How much does it cost to have a baby in the United States?
Diagnosis and management of accreta
Diagnosis and management of accretaThe steady rise of cesarean delivery has led to a steady increase in this potential obstetric emergency.
Mild chronic hypertension in pregnancy: To treat or not to treat?The debate over which approach most benefits mother and baby still rages.