microinvasive glaucoma surgery

What advent of MIGS means for earlier glaucoma interventionIn addition to making use of MIGS, interventional glaucoma might utilize other novel drainage devices and sustained drug-delivery devices and be combined with cataract surgery. This approach is more proactive, aims at lower IOP, lowers risk and addresses adherence, said Iqbal Ike K. Ahmed, MD.
Cataract, glaucoma collision sparks MIGS, other innovationThe 2017 Charles D. Kelman Lecture touched on three main areas—from the teaching of the phaco technique during the early years of phaco to use of phaco in glaucoma patients to the introduction of phaco to surgeons in developing countries.
ABiC viable option for different stages severities of glaucomaWith its ability to restore the eye’s natural outflow pathway, ab-interno canaloplasty (ABiC) presents a viable option for the treatment of different stages and severities of glaucoma, according to Mark J. Gallardo, MD.
FDA works to bring patient perspective to MIGS
Multiple MIGS stents improve IOP reduction: Highlights are presented from what is believed to be the first head-to-head comparison of one, two, and three stents inserted as a stand-alone procedure.
Microstent demonstrates stable treatment benefit compared with cataract surgery aloneEyes undergoing implantation with an investigational Schlemm’s canal microstent at the time of cataract surgery achieve significantly greater IOP control than eyes having cataract surgery alone.
Supraciliary microstenting: advancing glaucoma treatment in the age of MIGSIn this article, Dr Ianchulev discusses MIGS supraciliary microstenting, a compelling new approach for outflow enhancement that results in sustained reduction of IOP and anti-hypertensive topical medication use in OAG patients.
MIGS devices show encouraging initial results
Making the move to MIGS
Making the move to MIGSWhen weighing the decision to adopt minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) into their practice, several advantages may support surgeons’ rationale, according to Richard A. Lewis, MD.
What to say when discussing MIGS with patientsWhen microinvasive glaucoma surgery is a potential treatment option, surgeons should present it as neutrally as possible.