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HPV infection in men: Prevalence and vaccination coverage
HPV infection in men: Prevalence and vaccination coverage
How to improve health information online for our patients
How to improve health information online for our patients"Those patients (and their caregivers) who take ownership of more aspects of their health care experience, including relevant and personalized information, will have better outcomes," writes Steven A. Kaplan, MD.
LUTS’ burden may extend to cardiac events"LUTS is an important health care burden, and health care professionals should be screening for its presence in men at risk," writes Steven A. Kaplan, MD.
AUA 2016: Experts offer guidance on the meetingTo guide you through the 2016 AUA annual meeting and help maximize your time, Urology Times’ editorial board has reviewed the program to identify the key trends and noteworthy research at this year’s meeting.
'T' clinics create concerns about care, competitionOne only needs to do a Google search for “testosterone clinic” to realize there’s an explosion of for-profit businesses branded as men’s health establishments, offering what sounds like the fountain of youth to men with “low T” and sexual dysfunction. Unless one of these practices is affiliated with an academic medical center or urology group, there’s a good chance urologists are not part of the picture.
ED, diabetes, and CV risk: Update on treatment, risk reductionIn this article, we review the etiology and pathophysiology of ED in this challenging patient population and provide an approach to treatment and risk reduction via lifestyle modification and pharmacologic intervention.
What’s on your colleagues’ wish lists for 2016We asked members of our editorial board what they hope to see in the world of urology in the coming year.
New tech may bring exciting era in BPHThe management of BPH has had an interesting roller coaster ride over the past 25 years with new medicines, minimally invasive surgical therapies, and a host of novel surgical technologies, including lasers and bipolar electrosurgery.
Dr. Google creates anxiety, opportunityMost health information seekers navigate the Internet for what they think will be the best information available about their health condition or that of a loved one. Unfortunately, the Internet is unfiltered, unregulated, and often saturated with promotional, unsubstantiated, and at times frightening information.
Sexual effects data lacking on 5-ARI for hair lossIn men who take the 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor finasteride (Propecia) for hair loss, published data on its sexual side effects are insufficient to create a safety profile of the drug, according to a recent study.