Peter C. Albertsen

Life vs. quality of life: A delicate balance
Scribes slash EMR burden
Scribes slash EMR burdenUrologists who view electronic medical record documentation as a burden are turning to scribes. Scribes, many say, relieve them of that burden, freeing urologists and other providers to focus on patient care.
What’s your take on a single-payer health care system?Three urologists offer their takes on a single-payer health care system.
PSA controversy has practical implicationsThe authors of a recent study should be commended for exploring a large national database in an attempt to understand contemporary prostate cancer screening and treatment practices.
ADT and CV risk: Two studies offer new insightsTwo recently published studies provide new insight on cardiovascular morbidity and mortality associated with androgen deprivation therapy in men with prostate cancer.
How ‘low risk’ is low-risk prostate cancer?As it becomes apparent that more prostate cancers are clinically insignificant than previously believed, the role of active surveillance in the management of men with low-risk prostate cancer merits expansion.
Early ADT for prostate cancer fails to improve survivalAndrogen deprivation therapy provides no survival benefit in older men with localized prostate cancer at 15 years, newly published research shows.
Diabetes, prostate cancer link: Surprising, or not?Men with abnormal findings on digital rectal exam or other indicators of prostate cancer should be tested, but the evidence is insufficient to justify preferentially screening diabetic men because they may be at a higher risk of developing clinically significant prostate cancer.