waiting room

Improve your practice: Patient visitsIn this month’s article, Dr. Andrew Schuman focuses on improving the office visit experience for your young patients. By following his advice, you will be rewarded with parental loyalty, a busy and prosperous practice, and patients who look forward to their office visits.
The patient capture rate: Using the unseen to combat the invisible
What patients are saying about your officeHow does a practice remedy a long waiting time for patients? First, you must be concerned and communicate it to the staff. Physicians should watch or “visit” the reception area periodically to see if there is a “crowd.” Look at the patient’s scheduled time and monitor this regularly. Of course, the physician also should get to the office a little early and be ready to see the first patient when he/she is ready.
Front office signals first impressionsWhen is the last time you took a good look at what your waiting area is signaling to the outside world? It is after all, the first physical impression of your clinic. Perhaps it is time to make some changes, or improve on some already excellent practices.
20 minutes is the magic number for patient wait timesPhysicians, beware: If you're making patients wait more than 20 minutes before seeing you for an appointment, you could be at risk of losing those patients.