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Population health expert highlights medicine’s 'third pillar'Professor in the School for the Science of Health Care Delivery Natalia Wilson, MD, MPH, discusses teaching population health to the next-generation of physicians, and how it will transform care.
Medical schools struggle to close primary care gapHow practicing physicians can help rebuild the next generation of doctors
Population health prioritized as key aspect of medical trainingThe AMA and medical schools across the country are placing new emphasis on population health management and value-based care.
AMA unveils tool to address ‘ever-widening gap’ in physician educationAs the industry moves toward value-based care, medical education must keep pace.
Pros and cons of choosing dermatology
Pros and cons of choosing dermatologyIf you’re in the throes of med school, you are probably giving some thought, when you can, to what comes next. Where do you want your professional career to take you? Perhaps – dermatology?
How Does Someone Become a Dermatologist
Medical schools tackle care costsCost issues work their way into medical school curricula
Young doctors are jumping ship to non-clinical roles
Young doctors are jumping ship to non-clinical rolesIn his debut blog, Ryan Gamlin writes why he thinks the increasing proportion of doctors in medical school today do not intend to treat patients as their primary career—or at all.
Are medical students happy?Many, many, many years ago, when I was but a young trainee doing my fellowship year in Corneal and External Diseases, my professor called me into his office on multiple occasions. “Sit down,” he would say, and I did. “So, are you happy?” he would ask. It struck me as an unusual question at the time. Today, I wonder if my professor might have been on to something.
Turning skilled physicians into strong leadersMedical Economics recently convened a panel of leadership experts to discuss the future of medical schools and whether or not medical schools are preparing new doctors for the changes in the medical community.