Life Lessons: 5 Dermatologists Inspired by Mentors
Life Lessons: 5 Dermatologists Inspired by MentorsAll teachers and mentors instruct; great ones inspire. They find ways to connect, challenge, compel and convince, motivating students to reach goals and make a difference.In their own words, five dermatologists share their appreciation for teachers and mentors who made a lasting impression.
How I found my mentorsI have been fortunate in my professional life to have not one but two mentors who have given me direction and helped expand my optical career into an amazing instrument of communication. I am now able to connect with my peers, and appreciate the opportunity to speak at various optical conferences.
How dermatologic research can get its groove backResearch in dermatology comprises only a small portion of the total amount of money spent yearly on research in fields such as internal medicine, neurology and cancer. The need for interested and talented individuals to tackle the big challenges in dermatology is greater than ever before, and practitioners are looking at ways to make the most of limitations in funding, compensation and opportunities that stand in the way of recruiting more qualified individuals to the research ranks.
My proposed plan for diversity in dermatology
My proposed plan for diversity in dermatologyI believe that the only way to increase diversity in medicine and particularly dermatology is to begin this process early in school age children. Here's what I suggest.
Why you should become a global mentor
Why you should become a global mentorHere’s an opportunity: Go to a foreign country and teach dermatologists about modern surgical techniques. Here’s the catch: It’s on your dime. Learn why derms should become global mentors and it's benefits.
Urology mentors: For many, the quest begins at homementors may come in several disguises, including instructors from whom we have learned, clinicians whom we have observed, or researchers under whom we have worked. For many, however, the quest to find a role model begins at home. Learn more
Why you should mentor the next generation of derms
Why you should mentor the next generation of dermsAn exploration of the role of mentoring in the medical community, medical education, and learning in general.
Paying it forward through mentoring[Mentoring] “teaching” per se; although, education is usually a part of the process. Mentoring is more the action of providing help or assistance in dealing with some problem or issue that the mentee is having difficulty in dealing with it.
Develop a culture of mentorship
How mentors can help young physicians land a jobThrough mentorship programs, experienced physicians can provide the guidance and reassurance that young doctors need