nonmelanoma skin cancer

Guide to ID at-risk patientsA recent study explored varying statistical approaches to a metastatic risk model for identifying SCC tumors at high risk of metastasis. Researchers identified six risk factors.
Repurposed antifungal exhibits promising results
Repurposed antifungal exhibits promising resultsA novel oral formulation of itraconazole designed to improve bioavailability is leveraging its activity as a Hedgehog pathway inhibitor to provide a low toxicity, effective treatment for patients with BCC Nevus Syndrome. Data show potential for rapid therapeutic benefit.
Less invasive surgery preferred for some NMSCPatient functionality should help determine surgery choice for nonmelanoma skin cancer, researchers reported at ASDS 2017.
Best practices for treating severe sun damageThe goal of treatment for severely sun-damaged patients’ lesions is field therapy, which not only treats what dermatologists see, but also subclinical disease.
Improving accuracy in NMSC diagnosisThe trend toward smaller biopsies may compromise the accuracy of dermatopathologists' diagnoses.
GlobalMed Technologies acquires Omnilux MedicalGlobalMed has represented medical and aesthetic dermatology brands, including BMT, CoolTouch and Radiancy, since 1996. Omnilux noninvasively treats dermatologic conditions, including acne, fine lines and wrinkles and non-melanoma skin cancer.
Compliance critical with at-home txDue to the complexities and follow-up requirements of nonsurgical treatments for skin cancer, patient selection is critical. Expert offers tips for using various noninvasive treatment options for BCC, SCC, and melanoma.
Evidence-based guidelines for managing challenging NMSCOngoing research is trying to identify strategies for overcoming resistance of advanced basal cell carcinoma to targeted therapy with a Hedgehog inhibitor. High level evidence to support adjuvant radiotherapy for high-risk non-melanoma skin cancers is lacking, but certain patients warrant evaluation by a multidisciplinary tumor board and treatment with adjuvant radiotherapy based on their risk for recurrence.
Hh inhibitors a less invasive tx for BCCAdvances in research have led to the emergence of medical therapies for BCCs; more research is needed to develop systemic therapies to treat SCCs.
Melanoma mortality rate 5 times higher in developed countriesWhen researchers studied mortality from conditions with skin manifestations in developed versus developing countries, they found living in the developed world doesn’t always translate to lower death rates. Age-adjusted mortality for melanoma, for example, was about five times greater in the developed world than in developing countries.