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Melanoma quiz:  Diagnosis, differential and black patches
Melanoma quiz: Diagnosis, differential and black patches71-year-old Caucasian woman presents with an asymptomatic 4 cm x 2.5 cm black patch.
Skin cancer quick reference
Skin cancer quick referenceThe May Table of the Month goes over tips for properly diagnosing skin cancer types.
Skin cancer screenings targeting “right” peopleAbout one third of the more than 118,000 people who received free skin cancer screenings from the AAD’s SPOTme program in 2009 and 2010 indicated they had recently seen a change in the size, shape or color of a mole.
World-wide skin cancer epidemiologyThe incidence of melanoma appears to be on the rise except for that observed in the younger population, underscoring a positive trend and hope for the fight against skin cancer.
Clinical acumen key for identifying pediatric melanomaExperts discuss diagnosis and management of pediatric melanoma, including the latest developments in genetic tools and indications for sentinel lymph node biopsy.
Gene tests predicts melanoma stagingA gene expression profile test rivals sentinel node biopsy in predicting distant metastasis in stage 1 and stage 2 melanoma, according to results from a new multicenter performance study.
App tracks mole images to compare over time
App tracks mole images to compare over timeDermatologist-developed technology complements other preventive and skin cancer monitoring approaches, may lead to earlier detection and fewer unnecessary biopsies.
Melanoma risk significant among pregnant womenStudy finds women diagnosed with malignant melanoma during their pregnancy or within one year of giving birth were more than five times more likely to die than women who weren't pregnant. Routine skin examinations may need to be included as part of postpartum appointments.
Skin cancer screenings target marathoners
Skin cancer screenings target marathonersExpert offers colleagues insight about the runner’s mentality on sunscreen and best practices for educating your local community
Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma: Poised for a new treatment paradigmResearchers are aiming to better understand the molecular signaling pathways and the immune microenvironment of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. The use of targeted or mechanism-based therapies may lead to better-understood combinations, higher response rates and better survival.