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Diabetes may double cataract riskDiabetes doubles the risk of cataract in the general population, with an even greater increased risk among people aged under 70, according to researchers.
HHS Secretary Azar Says It’s ‘Not Time to be Timid’ in Pursuing ValueHHS Secretary Alex M. Azar II lays out top four HHS initiatives and calls on payers and providers to align.
Pharmacists Busted for Prying into Prince’s Medical Records
Pharmacists Busted for Prying into Prince’s Medical RecordsThree pharmacists were caught trying to access the deceased star’s records just days after his death.
Advocates look to Congress for new patient matching systemA small crack is developing in the long-standing federal prohibition against the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services’ (HHS) involvement in efforts to improve matching patients with their medical records
First Take: Medical records belong to patients. Period.Patients should share the ownership of their medical records with their care providers. In this First Take, Joseph E. Scherger, MD, MPH, discusses how to work with patients about the management of electronic health records.
Patient records: The struggle for ownership
Patient records: The struggle for ownershipPatient medical records are undergoing a seismic shift. But this shift is happening quickly, in many ways too quickly for either physicians or the laws and regulations pertaining to medical records to keep up.
Last word: Medical records: Creation vs. controlThe legal responsibility for stewardship of the medical record still lies with the physicians and creators of the reports, but control of the access to this personal data is a patient’s ethical right.
Patient sues over medical record copy feesA dermatology office being sued by a patient is asked by the patient's legal office for the patient's records. The dermatologists request a $3 per page fee for the 433-page document spanning 12 years of care and submit a bill for $1,299. The law firm sues the doctors for for excessive fees for copies of their medical records. What do the courts decide?
Physicians to appeal court affirmation of Florida law restricting gun counselingThe American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Florida Chapter and others plan to appeal the recent federal court decision that approves a Florida "gag" law restricting physician counseling and medical record notation about firearm ownership or presence in the home of a patient.
Symbols deciphered: The history of symbols and signs in medicineThe symbols, signs, and abbreviations used every day in medical records have ancient roots in history.