The Dangers of Texting Medical Orders
The Dangers of Texting Medical OrdersWhat might seem like a convenient option has led to serious errors.
Texting with patients poses challenges and opportunitiesPhysicians may have an opportunity to engage with patients via text messaging as smartphones become ubiquitous.
Mobile health reduces CVD risk behaviorsAn American Heart Association Scientific Statement about the feasibility and preliminary efficacy of using mobile health technologies to reduce CVD risk behaviors was the cornerstone of the presentation of Lora E. Burke, PhD at the AHA meeting.
Improving heart failure outcomes with mobile appsAt the 2015 AHA Fall Conference, Zubin J. Eapen, MD discussed the movement of physician-patient communication to preventative care. Mobile communication is emerging as the new way to contact patients.
Do enforced texting bans prevent hospitalizations related to car crashes?Laws that ban texting while driving have indeed reduced crash-related hospitalizations among all age groups, according to a recent report.
Text reminders increase flu vaccination in kids
Text reminders increase flu vaccination in kidsYoung children are more likely to get a second dose of influenza vaccine when their parents receive reminders by text message, a new study reports.
Can my text to a parent lead to a HIPAA violation?Texting has become so popular because it is instantaneous, convenient and direct. Without appropriate safeguards, though, texting can lead to violations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
Non-stop texting causes a case of retinal detachment, says Chinese mediaA 26-year-old man from Qingdao, China suffered a retinal detachment after using his smartphone non-stop, according to Qingdao Daily.
Text messaging with patients: Steps physicians must take to avoid liabilityAs the number of people using text messaging steadily increases, many physicians similarly feel the urge to use text messages to communicate with their patients and colleagues. However, using text messaging in your practice can present legal issues that you may not have considered.
Automated electronic communications systems can improve medical practice business and efficiencyWhether you own a practice or work in one, the frustration of an appointment no-show affects everyone. Automatic electronic appointment systems can help to improve the efficiency of your practice, and they can help your patients feel more connected to you and the practice between appointments.