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Large-scale COPD patient network in the worksA large chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patient network is in the works.
Physicians shouldn’t shy away from social mediaIn a recent article by David Shaywitz, M.D., Ph.D., he describes four reasons why physicians are concerned about the increase in popularity of social media and online search. After reading these concerns it occurred to me, that there may be a significant gap on the part of the medical community surrounding the potential benefits associated with online search and social media.
Social media success stems from message managementSocial media success requires accentuating the positive, as well as recognizing the potential impact of every comment or click, according to experts at the Cosmetic Surgery Forum, held here.
Rules of social media engagementWhen it comes to social media, says Tracy L. Drumm, vice president of IF Marketing, “There’s a fine line between building your business and wasting your time. I see social media as a way to retain patients, build your brand and focus on relationship marketing.”
9 reasons why dermatologists should blogPatients are online, looking for information about their symptoms and illnesses or tips for living healthier lives. With so much information out there, why would a dermatologist add to the incredible amount of online noise by starting a new blog? Here are nine specific reasons why dermatologists should blog.
New job recruitment tool on physician social media site aims to make job searching more doctor friendlyMany physicians are already accustomed to using social media to build valuable career connections, which may lead to future job opportunities. But now, one social media site is taking steps to bring the jobs directly to physicians.
5 reasons why Twitter is better than Facebook for physiciansFor physicians who are already short on time, managing multiple social media platforms can sometimes feel more burdensome than beneficial. But how should they decide which site to devote the most time to?
Advice from the AMAIn the report “Professionalism in the use of social media,” the American Medical Association offers advice for physicians.
Savvy social media strategies attract, engage patientsSuccessful social networking requires consistent messaging and a working grasp of how these media interconnect, says an expert who spoke at the Cosmetic Surgery Forum.