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Four critical tech tools plans and providers should offer consumersHaving technology tools for member engagement is no longer a novelty. Members now expect and prefer digital communications, and it is critical for MCOs to stay on top of technology trends to compete in the market.
Top four patient engagement trends to watchThese trends emerge from CDW’s Patient Engagement Perspective Study, but surprisingly one tech trend didn’t make the cut.
Five ways to close gaps in care and build a successful quality improvement programBy deploying a proactive, year-round strategy that aligns data analytics with a focused approach for addressing gaps in care, your organization can turn routine quality measurement and reporting activities into a true strategic advantage by ensuring that quality measurably improves across key metrics.
Eight patient engagement trends to watchBoosting patient engagement is critical as the industry shifts toward value-based payments. For payers and providers, higher engagement increases the likelihood of positive outcomes at lower costs.
Are patient portals a valuable tool or time waster?
Are patient portals a valuable tool or time waster?While patient portals can improve efficiency in some practices, they bring with them a host of challenges
Increasing patient portal use: Lessons from my practiceTim Dudley, MD describes how his patients use patient portals and how the lessons he's learn can apply to others.
Premium Content Preview | Why Now is the Time to Leverage Smartphones to Offer Better Patient CareIt’s no secret: mobile devices are being used by everyone, everywhere. According to a 2015 study by Pew Research Center, an astounding two thirds of Americans now own and regularly use smartphones.
Risk management strategies for patient portal useAs a result government incentives, new care standards, and the demands of a more technologically sophisticated society, use of patient portals is becoming increasingly commonplace. But physicians must be aware that the specific functionalities of the portal directly impact the risk management strategies that must be employed by the practice to protect itself from liability.
Patient portals: Essential, but underused by physiciansMany physicians regard patient portals as just another hoop they have to jump through to get their electronic health record (EHR) incentives and/or avoid Medicare penalties. But that view can be short-sighted, consultants say, if practices neglect portal services that are attractive to patients.
Best practices for payers and providers to cooperate in the era of convergenceThe Affordable Care Act has ushered in a new era of convergence among healthcare payers and providers.