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6 tips to address, survive one-star online reviewsIf you have not yet received a bad review, it is coming. It is only a matter of time. Have you Googled your practice recently? Anyone with a smartphone, social media account, or an email account can go online and rant about anything—including your practice.
How to increase your optical capture rate
How to increase your optical capture rateTake these suggestions and you’ll watch your capture rate improve and your average optical ticket rise.
How to effectively handle dispensary complaintsHaving a clear understanding of expectations from optical dispensary consumers is key to being able to resolve complaints.
Why ‘Made in Italy’ is often a lie
Why ‘Made in Italy’ is often a lieWhat do we buy when we buy “Made In Italy?” Every time I visit a factory—whether it is in Italy or China—I’m amazed by the whole production process. To me, it’s beautiful—from the mixing of block acetate to form sheets, through the cutting of frame fronts and temples, shooting the temple core, tumbling, and finally, assembly.
Is your dispensary’s return policy hurting business?Various components of a dispensary’s return policy— time, refund, restyling, and scope— can make or break the success of sales.
Dispensary business is thriving: So what's the problem?This dispensary case study highlights how a practice and outsourcing partnership can tame inventory control and lighten the load.
Managing an office and optical moveThere’s nothing more exciting than working in an office that continues to grow and expand. Recently, our practice has taken a gigantic step and purchased a brand-new, state-of-the-art office that allowed us to merge our two offices into one, larger space.
Tips for bringing your optical into the 21st century
Tips for bringing your optical into the 21st centuryYour goal is to modernize the optical and bring it into the 21st century. It is important to manage all states of transition from the beginning, when opticians are experiencing a flood of conflicting emotions, through the confusion and learning curve, past the quitting and avoidance, and all the way to success.
Sunwear and the science of lightLight is both a particle and a wave, it has healing energy and harmful energy, and it is so fast that it travels the 24,901 miles around the earth seven and one half times in one second. In order for us to understand how to best manage light with sunglasses, we first have to understand some basic science of light.
The growing green trend in opticalIf you’ve walked the show floor at a Vision Expo show in the last few years, you might have noticed a small, but growing trend in optical. Among the flashy displays, bright-colored frames in increasingly elaborate designs, you might notice more and more brands are taking on an eco-friendly approach to their fashionable frames.