Filling medical gaps in foster care
Filling medical gaps in foster careThe pediatrician may be one of the only sources of advocacy, support, stability, and advice for the child in foster care. In that role, he or she must understand the needs and experiences of a foster child compared with other patients in the practice so that the unmet needs of this vulnerable population can be addressed.
CHILD ABUSE/NEGLECT: Alternatives to spankingSparing a child the rod of corporal punishment can circumvent a lifetime of adverse health consequences, said Victor Vieth, JD, in his presentation “Spanking: The Why and How of Counseling Families on Alternative Discipline Measures.”
1 in 8 children under 18 are maltreatedOne in 8 children in the United States will suffer maltreatment—neglect or abuse—before they turn 18 years old, a recent study estimates.
Forensic science lends a hand with detecting abuseNew research reveals that forensic science has a lot to offer the process of identifying children who are abused or neglected.
Childbirth rates higher for abused teenaged girlsTeenaged birth rates among abused or neglected adolescent girls are more than double the birth rate of their peers who never experienced abuse and more than 3 times the rate for girls who were never neglected, according to a new study.