Combination treatment for scars proves effectiveCombination treatments to reduce scarring have been shown to be effective without the need for aggressive surgical techniques that can lead to suboptimal results, researchers reported at AAD 2018 this week.
The picosecond differenceIn addition to treating tattoos and pigmented lesions, new picosecond devices also treat sun damage and scarring. The results achieved by picosecond lasers are due to photothermal as well as photomechanical effects. Picosecond pulse duration lasers have an excellent safety/side effect profile in individuals of all skin types.
Nasal reconstruction after skin cancer surgeryDermatologists should consider the features of the nasal defect when weighing options for repair. Consider the desires of the patient when assessing options for both repair and treatments to mitigate post-surgical scar formation. The dermatologist must determine the choice of which procedure will likely achieve the best aesthetic outcome overall.
'Dr. Scar' shares treatment pearlsA U.S. dermatologist shares his experience working with a Chinese plastic surgeon who does a high-volume of scar treatments.
Actemra gets breakthrough therapy designation for sclerodermaThe FDA has granted breakthrough therapy designation to tocilizumab (Actemra, Genentech) for the treatment of systemic sclerosis, a rare and potentially life-threatening disease with no FDA-approved therapy.
Advances in wound healing tools and techniquesNew wound-healing tools arising from evolving knowledge of the wound-healing process include drugs, debridement techniques, advanced skin grafting tools and stem cell delivery strategies.
Nonablative laser improves appearance of old scarsA nonablative fractional laser improves the appearance of mature burn scars, according to results of a recent study.
VIDEO: Light-based technology and scarsJill Waibel, M.D., discusses lasers and light-based technology with Dermatology Times. Dr. Waibel, owner of Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute, will be a panel member at the laser roundtable discussion at the 2014 Vegas Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology meeting in June.
Novel laser uses span scars, striae, tattoosAlone or in combination with other lasers, the picosecond laser can treat a variety of cosmetic concerns including tattoos, scars and striae, an expert says.
Lasers effective for clearing excessive scarsExcessive scarring, particularly hypertrophic scars, can be treated effectively with currently available laser treatments, results of a recent study suggest.