PBM transparency

The New Goal for PBMs: Transparency
The New Goal for PBMs: TransparencyTraditional pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) have come under fire for what some critics say is a lack of transparency. Opaqueness may be on the way out.
CVS to Show Real-time Medication Costs
CVS to Show Real-time Medication CostsThe pharmacy chain announced that CVS Caremark customers will have access to medication costs and lower-cost alternatives.
Controversy heats up over pharmacy benefit manager DIR feesPBMs make the argument for DIR fees after a litany of complaints from industry stakeholders.
Walgreens-Prime alliance: A new breed pharmacy strategy?This model, touted as “next-generation,” combines retail and specialty and mail services and PBM along with immediate care clinics.
Pharmacists seek fairness in generics reimbursementPBMs have dodged state-mandated requirements for transparency in generics drug pricing, so many states are rewriting their laws.
Pharmacists victorious after PBM lawsuit dismissedA federal district court in Iowa recently dismissed the entire case brought by the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association (PCMA) challenging the legality of a transparency law regarding pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs).
Kmart suing Catamaran for shortchanging its pharmaciesKmart has sued pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) Catamaran for breach of contract and alleged violations of state and federal laws regarding reimbursements for prescription drug costs.
PBM vs. PBA: The pros and cons
PBM vs. PBA: The pros and consIndustry experts weigh the options between a traditional pharmacy benefits manager and a pharmacy benefits administrator.
Independent pharmacies sue PBM Catamaran, alleging illegal conductA group of 55 pharmacies located mainly in Pennsylvania has turned to the courts to resolve reimbursement differences with Catamaran.
New Kentucky law offers greater PBM transparency