viral infection

Study validates new test for bacterial vs viral infectionsA novel assay for distinguishing bacterial from viral infections significantly outperformed routine laboratory parameters and biomarkers in a study using serum remnants from children suspected to have acute infection.
Managing viral eye infection: What clinicians should knowThough much research is happening in the diagnosis and treatment of viral eye infections, much of it might not be readily apparent to clinicians, explains Todd P. Margolis, MD, PhD.
Don’t rule out HSV patients for refractive surgery
Don’t rule out HSV patients for refractive surgeryThe longer the time since the last outbreak, the better
Zika virus, Chikungunya, Syphilis infections increase in newbornsMosquito-born virus, Zika, is expected to find its way to the United States. The result of infection can be devastating for pregnant women. Other viral infections being seen more commonly in infants are Chikungunya and syphilis. Learn more
Infliximab promising for treatment of Kawasaki diseaseInfliximab, a monoclonal antibody, may be an effective treatment for children with Kawasaki disease, results of a recent study suggest.
Pubic hair removal may increase viral infection riskGenital hair removal methods may help the spread of the virus molluscum contagiosum, according to results of a review of cases in a skincare clinic in France.