Condom Use Should Be Encouraged for All Women with BVWomen with bacterial vaginosis (BV) should be encouraged to use condoms with all acts of sex, according to a recent multicenter study.
CDC issues interim guidance on congenital Zika infectionNew interim guidance from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) emphasizes the need for standard screening and monitoring of infants with possible congenital Zika virus infection plus hearing screening and specific testing and evaluation in three clinical scenarios. Plus: Are at-risk women commonly tested for rectal gonorrhea, chlamydia? Also: According to a study, ovarian cancer may originate in fallopian tubes.
Walgreens Clinics Launching STI Testing Services
Walgreens Clinics Launching STI Testing ServicesPharmacy chain will introduce testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections at its clinics.
Trichomoniasis update
Trichomoniasis updateThe CDC recently updated guidelines for treatment, but this common STI is considered "neglected" by some experts.
Sexual transmission of Zika VirusCan Zika be considered a sexually transmitted infection?
Vaginal self-sampling for STIsA self-sampling device being used in Canada is receiving high marks from patients.
Single-dose azithromycin still effective against chlamydia, study findsThe study was designed for tight control of the usual variables.
Guideline change affects chlamydia screening rateChange in Pap smear recommendation has meant fewer occasions for testing for the STI, according to one study.
A genital herpes vaccine still far offResearchers are genetically sequencing the virus in hopes of one day developing better prevention and treatment.
CDC discusses HPV Cancer Prevention (VIDEO)The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) discusses the importance of HPV screening, vaccination, and the role of the clinician in helping prevent HPV and related cancers. The video presents three viewpoints: An OB-GYN who treats cervical cancer, a mother / Pediatrician who had her daughters vaccinated for HPV, and a survivor of cervical cancer.