Reduce flank fat without pain, downtimeNonthermal pulsed ultrasound (UltraShape, Syneron Candela) treatments significantly reduce flank fat, without pain, downtime and apparent risks, according to a study.
SMFM Consult: Ultrasound in the cfDNA eraThe society's recommendations for women who are undergoing both ultrasound and cfDNA screening.
Patient handout: Should I have ultrasound and cfDNA testing?Give this to your patients who have questions about the role of ultrasound with cfDNA.
Gastroschisis: Prenatal diagnosis and management
Gastroschisis: Prenatal diagnosis and managementWith incidence of this birth defect on the rise, ob/gyns need to understand how best to spot and deal with it.
How common is incomplete screening for fetal anatomy?
How to do the Z technique in imagingFind out how to do the Z technique in ultrasound while looking for an IUD.
GOHO Foundation sponsors ultrasound updateThe 25th annual Ultrasound Update for Clinical Practice program took place December 1–4 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The meeting was dedicated to Drs John Hobbins, Ilan Timor, and Stuart Campbell, well-known figures in ultrasound who are all celebrating their 80th birthdays.
IUD Issues: Zero in with ultrasound
IUD Issues: Zero in with ultrasoundPelvic sonography, especially transvaginal 3D imaging, is critical for identifying malpositioned and embedded IUDs.
Sexual Function/Dysfunction: Mixed results with CCH in Peyronie'sSexual function/dysfunction topics discussed at the 2016 AUA included the findings of multiple studies on the effects of collagenase clostridium histolyticum (Xiaflex) treatment for Peyronie's disease, causes and treatments for ED, along with a study on patient satisfaction with implantable penile prostheses.
Researchers explore promise of gene therapyScientists explore innovative delivery systems that might one day treat hemophilia and other blood diseases