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Apps for mind, body, and soulMind, body, and soul need to be regularly fed in order to feel like a complete person. Most of us now live and die by our phones, so you can take care of all of your needs with your device. Here are my recommendations to feed your mind, body, and soul.
8 mobile apps to help travel nurses at work and on the roadUse of mobile devices in clinical settings is growing. Here's a list of 8 apps that are gaining attention in the nursing community.
Smartphone apps useful as OC remindersA systematic review of Smartphone reminder applications (apps) by investigators at the Ohio State University shows that they may be useful as back-up reminders for patients on oral contraceptives (OCs). The research was presented at the 2014 ACOG Annual Clinical Meeting.
5 fabulous fitness gifts for travelersTreat yourself to these products that columnist Kathy Smith thinks are important for maintaining a positive fitness program.
Physicians' top 5 most-used medical apps for smartphones and tabletsMedical app usage in a medical practice was much higher among smartphone users (51% daily) than tablet users (30% daily), according to a report from American EHR Partners.
Mobile apps for managing healthSmartphones do more than keep you in contact with friends and family. A slew of apps can help both you and your patients manage health better