ICER-VA alliance for formulary management sparks debateThe National Pharmaceutical Council takes issue with ICER’s collaboration with the VA’s PBM. Find out what both camps are saying.
Are non-opioid therapies more desirable than opioids for chronic pain?A new study from researchers from the Minneapolis VA Health Care System has interesting findings.
VA Choice: Not what the doctor orderedThe VA Choice program wasn’t designed to bring VA patients to community physicians; rather, it was designed to turn community physicians into VA doctors. And that does not work, says Henry Rosevear, MD. Dr. Rosevear shares his experience with the VA Choice program and shares what he sees as its limitations and what needs to change.
A VA residency offers more than meets the eyeIt’s 8:15 a.m. on Monday, and we are getting ready for another day of typical patient care while gulping down the last sips of our morning coffee. The first 8:30 a.m. patient arrives, and one of us heads out to greet him in the lobby.
Mental disorders on rise among visually impaired vetsBritish veterans with visual impairment suffer from high rates of mental disorder, according to researchers from King's College, London.
VA bill allows more vets to seek care at private clinicsPhysicians at private clinics may soon be seeing more veterans. Congress approved on Thursday a $16.3 billion overhaul to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
More veterans could seek healthcare from private practices, hospitalsPrivate physicians and hospitals could be treating more veterans in the near future, as the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is working to alleviate its overburdened healthcare system amid reports of mismanagement that has led to backlogged treatment.
Obama minimizes ACA; healthcare responds to State of the UnionPresident Barack Obama skimmed the surface of the Affordable Care Act during his sixth State of the Union speech, while physicians, nurses, educators, and thought leaders in the healthcare industry weighed in on the country's challenges.
Study shows high rate of vision problems after TBIA recent study reports high occurrences of vision problems in patients with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).