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CMS confirms path toward payment reformAgency hits 30% value-based target goal 11 months ahead of schedule.
Four considerations when moving to value-based paymentHere are four critical considerations that are integral to successful implementation of a value-based payment model.
ACO results released: What health execs should knowQuality, financial performance provides glimpse at long-term effects
New payment models bringing changes to medical practicesA study of 34 physician practices jointly sponsored by RAND Corporation and the American Medical Association found that alternative payment models are changing the way physicians and medical practices operate. However, changing the payment system doesn't always ensure patient care improves.
Shifting reimbursement models: The risks and rewards for primary careThe Affordable Care Act (ACA) places primary care physicians front and center in the mission to improve the health of Americans, and lower overall healthcare costs. But new ACA-derived payment models that reward value, not volume, are driving skepticism and uncertainty among physicians.
Some ACOs realize early savingsPioneer and Shared Savings ACOs claim $274 million in payback for reducing costs
Oncology ACOs offer innovation for high-cost populationsFlorida Blue creates single-specialty ACOs
California ACOs prove savingsBlue Shield of California ACOs report 3% trend
Understanding new payment modelsNew payment models are not only challenging physicians financially, they are confusing. This article will clarify the most popular concepts coming into vogue and will also address some of the key contractual issues these models can generate.