testosterone replacement therapy

AUA updates testosterone therapy position statementThe AUA has released an updated version of its position statement on testosterone therapy.
TRT not associated with thrombotic events in older menThe association between testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and thrombotic risk in elderly men remains controversial. While the FDA has mandated that all approved testosterone products include warnings about a possible increase in cardiovascular, stroke, and venous blood clot risk, at least one study presented at the AUA annual meeting in New Orleans found no link between TRT and cardiovascular events.
TRT, blood clot risk evaluated in large analysisMiddle-aged and older men undergoing testosterone replacement therapy aren’t at increased risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE), the results of a large comparative case-control analysis published online in Mayo Clinic Proceedings (July 15, 2015) suggest.
Oral TRT agent may improve patient complianceA novel investigational oral testosterone replacement therapy restored and maintained testosterone levels to a eugonadal range in 88% of hypogondal men treated with the agent in a randomized clinical trial.
What do you think of new warning labels on TRT products?
What do you think of new warning labels on TRT products?“The FDA is being very cautious, which as the protector of public health, it’s got to be," says one urologist.
Best of AUA 2015: PCa surveillance, surgical controversies create buzzUrology Times’ “Best of AUA 2015” report provides a guide to the meeting’s take-home messages in 15 therapeutic areas—an information-packed, condensed summary of the top papers and presentations.
Dr. Google creates anxiety, opportunityMost health information seekers navigate the Internet for what they think will be the best information available about their health condition or that of a loved one. Unfortunately, the Internet is unfiltered, unregulated, and often saturated with promotional, unsubstantiated, and at times frightening information.
Promoting TRT online: Balanced information lacking
Promoting TRT online: Balanced information lackingPatients taking to the Internet for information about testosterone replacement therapy are likely getting an incomplete picture of the potential risks and adverse effects linked with the treatment, say researchers from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, and the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.
Targeted biopsy, PSA ‘choice’ among best-read articlesOther highly read UT articles this month include a large comparison of robotic and open RP, answers to your questions about coding for prostate biopsy, and several studies about risks for low and high T.
Studies examine risk factors for low, high TA handful of new studies reveal new information about risk factors for both low and high testosterone as well as the potential risks associated with each.