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Nutraceuticals: New Opportunities for Pharmacists
Nutraceuticals: New Opportunities for PharmacistsLearning more about popular dietary supplements could further cement pharmacists’ position in the healthcare industry, helping them gain recognition as healthcare providers.
Spina bifida: Top 10 things for physicians to knowThe pediatrician's role is to support both the child with spina bifida and the family as they come to terms with this chronic illness. This article presents the 10 actions that are most important in preparing for and caring for a child with this complex health need.
Daily dose of vitamin D combats seasonal atopic dermatitisResults of a recent study suggest that daily treatment with a vitamin D supplement significantly reduces the symptoms of winter-related atopic dermatitis.
Kids’ supplements contain more than they shouldIt seems that many vitamin supplements marketed for children and infants contain higher amounts of individual vitamins than are recommended.
Does maternal weight influence neonatal vitamin D levels?
Does maternal weight influence neonatal vitamin D levels?A small cross-sectional study suggests that neonates of obese mothers may have lower-than-normal vitamin D levels, even when maternal serum levels are adequate. The findings, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, underscore the need for more research on the role that vitamin D plays in the health of infants.