FDA approves generic Tamiflu, plus 2 other new drugs
FDA approves generic Tamiflu, plus 2 other new drugsFDA approved the first generic version of oseltamivir phosphate (Tamiflu, Roche) for oral suspension to treat influenza A and B, plus 2 other noteworthy therapies.
Study: Tamiflu shortens length of flu symptomsAntiviral drug oseltamavir (Tamiflu, Roche) shortens the length of flu symptoms by about 1 day, and reduces respiratory infections that sometimes develop by 44%, according to a study published in The Lancet.
Pharmacist counters CDC antivirals for flu alertThe Centers for Disease Control’s new guidance that hospitalized and high-risk patients with unconfirmed but suspected flu should be administered anti-virals without waiting may cause additional medication shortages, according to a pharmacist and professor.
Pharmacies face nationwide Tamiflu shortagePharmacies and physicians’ offices across the country are reporting a shortage of Tamiflu to prevent and treat the flu, soon after the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) declared the illness an epidemic. The “epidemic” declaration was made after 21 children died so far this season from complications associated with the flu.
Treat critically ill kids with flu fast with NAIsRapidly treating children who are critically ill with influenza with neuraminidase inhibitors (NAIs) saves lives, according to a new study, but physicians are frequently not using the drugs.