tobacco cessation

Pediatricians could do more to provide tobacco counselingMost pediatricians advise patients and their parents who smoke to quit, and the proportion of those who do so changed little from 2004 to 2010, according to surveys conducted in those years.
How pharmacists are helping patients kick the habitCVS decided to abandon tobacco sales in 2014. Plenty of community pharmacists were way ahead on that one.
Pharmacy workflow and tobacco-cessation programsWhat makes for successful pharmacy implementation of tobacco-cessation programs? A study of 20 Safeway stores delivers some answers.
A smoking cessation strategy many health plans overlookEven though e-cigarette smoking is on the rise, wellness programs are not giving smoking cessation nearly enough attention or resources, according to a new HealthMine survey.
E-cigarettes, tobacco cessation, and the role of HCPsElectronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are novel products that are changing the landscape of nicotine addiction. Also known as electronic nicotine delivery system, or ENDS, these products were developed in the early 2000s and by 2007 were available in the U.S. marketplace
Medication therapy can increase long-term success for smokers who want to cut back first, study findsA study of more than 1,500 cigarette smokers who were not ready to quit smoking but were willing to cut back on cigarette consumption and combine their approach with varenicline (Chantix, Pfizer) increased their long-term success of quitting smoking.
American Lung Association calls for halt of tobacco sales at pharmaciesThe American Lung Association has called for a halt to the sale of all tobacco products at all retailers with pharmacies.
Smoking cessation and using the Contemplation Ladder tool (VIDEO)Lisa Shah, MD explains how the inpatient setting is a good opportunity to counsel patients on smoking cessation as it is already a smoke-free environment. Video provided by The Doctor's Channel.
Helping your patients kick the smoking habitPrimary care physicians (PCPs) often think of themselves as being on the front lines of the battle to keep Americans healthy, and nowhere is that more true than in combatting smoking and other forms of tobacco use.
Why do drugstores sell products that kill?It's time to get tobacco products out of pharmacies