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More women than ever flocking to med school
More women than ever flocking to med schoolMedical school enrollment has traditionally been dominated by men-until now.
Why are women leaving medicine?The physician field remains largely male despite equality in medical school numbers
The future of optometry belongs to womenI’m also noticing changes at optometric meetings I attend. First, I see lots of young, fresh faces. While I was never the youngest OD in a crowd, now it seems I’m among the oldest. The second thing I’ve noticed is the ever-growing number of female ODs.
Optometry ranked as top industry for womenA recent report from business research firm IBISWorld ranked optometry as one of the top industries for women. The firm analyzed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and a database of more than 700 industry reports to identify six industries that offer unique employment advantages for women, characterized by strong growth in revenue and employment, particularly in the number of female workers.
Visionary Insights for Eye CareKatherine M. Mastrota, OD, reports on her experience as part of Allergan’s Visionary Insights for Eye Care (VIEW) at the 90th annual SECO International meeting.