watchful waiting

Watchful waiting is cost-effective in acute otitis mediaA recent study found that taking a watchful waiting approach when managing acute otitis media in qualifying children proves to be the more cost-effective strategy to follow.
Empowering the stuttering childStuttering is one of the most common developmental disorders pediatricians see in preschool-aged children, and recent information is suggesting it is more prevalent than previously thought. Stuttering in a child can generate significant parental concerns and, for the affected child, cause immediate frustration and anxiety and ultimately impact quality of life.
Observation safe, cost effective for low-risk prostate cancerObservation appears to be safe and more cost effective than immediate treatment for many men with low-risk, localized prostate cancer, according to a recent study from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston.
Stronger criteria for diagnosing otitis mediaThe American Academy of Pediatrics has issued a revised clinical practice guideline for the diagnosis and management of uncomplicated acute otitis media in children aged younger than 12 years.