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Promoting Drug Safety During Breastfeeding
Promoting Drug Safety During BreastfeedingPharmacists can help women who breastfeed by identifying the safest drugs and dosage schedules to minimize exposure.
Post-summer skin repairFormulated with natural ingredients, emerginC’s vitamin C line, diminishes dark spots, brightens, and repairs sun-damaged skin.
Top 5 of 2016: Cosmetic ConundrumsZoe Diana Draelos, M.D., answered many cosmetic questions in 2016. These are her top-5 most-read Cosmetic Conundrums.
Facial care advice for patients with acne
Facial care advice for patients with acneFacial care advice for patients with acne While both benzoyl peroxide acne preparations and vitamin C products carry benefits in acne treatment, it’s wise to recall the characteristics of each element in advising patients on caring for their skin. Vitamin C is rapidly oxidized with exposure to air. Benzoyl peroxide is an oxidant. This is how Dr. Draelos suggests these products be used.
Why do some Vitamin C preparations turn orange on the skin?
Why do some Vitamin C preparations turn orange on the skin?Many of the state-of-the-art cosmeceuticals contain vitamin C, a potent antioxidant important in skin health. So why do some vitamin C preparations turn orange on the skin? Read more and learn why
Vitamin C may be inversely related to cataract riskAccording to recent study data, higher vitamin C intake may be inversely associated with the risk of cataract.
Alternative treatment options for acne
Alternative treatment options for acneIn addition to being one of the most prevalent and all-too-familiar skin conditions, acne is also one of the most common skin diseases for which patients have begun to seek alternative treatment therapies. learn more.
ODs must teach patients about proper nutritionIf the poor and disenfranchised cannot receive accurate health information from their doctors or the news media, whom can they trust? The percentage of Americans meeting average micronutrient-rich plant food consumption (vegetables and fruit) in the U.S., remains appallingly inadequate at 15 to 20 percent. It is worse for the poor.
Study finds high vitamin C intake associated with decrease in lung cancer riskAfter epidemiological studies on the association between vitamin C intake and lung cancer risk produced inconsistent results, researchers conducted a meta-analysis of 21 studies to assess the association.
Americans over 50 lack key nutrients to support eye healthMany Americans more than 50 years are not consuming enough specific nutrients in their daily diet to support their eye health. This was the conclusion from a recent review published in the Journal of Clinical Interventions in Aging.