work-life balance

ACOG releases new study on ob/gyn workforceWork-life integration, lower job satisfaction, increasing subspecialization, and concerns about income and professional liability are among the issues shaping the ob/gyn workforce and how they practice, according to a new report from the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).
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Provider burnout hinders cancer care qualityA look at how burnout affects providers, their patients, and the centers that employ them.
Work-life integration is the new work-life balance
Work-life integration is the new work-life balanceAs opposed to trying to balance personal and professional commitments, dermatologists should align values and strengths and build their lives around these. One expert explains how one’s passion can translate to work.
Women gain ground in pharmacy professionLast year, more women than men were practicing pharmacy or working in pharmacy-related careers. And there were more women managers than ever before.
Lemons to lemonade: Why I remain in practiceA physician with decades of experience reveals how he maintains his enthusiasm for the medical profession
How hiring a physician assistant or nurse practitioner could ease a physician’s work load, increase take-home pay, and moreIf you are having trouble finding physicians to join your practice, dismayed by their demands or expectations at interviews, or concerned about their high cost or need to be a partner, hiring a physician assistant or nurse practitioner may be your answer.
Recalibrating the numbersThis mnemonic device can help put the numbers in our personal and professional lives in perspective.
Are physicians being forced to focus on data over patient care?Although numbers are vital to the practice of medicine, they can define a physician's life to the exclusion of everything else.