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How medical schools are responding to the opioid epidemicAs the opioid epidemic rages, up-and-coming physicians are seen as part of the solution. Here’s how medical schools are changing their training programs.
How to weigh benefit of Moh'sMohs surgery experts advise when Mohs is and isn’t optimal skin cancer treatment.
Simple solution for presbyopiaA topical product (PresbiDrops, FEPASAET Group) that provides sustained pupil constriction can safely and effectively increase near and distance UCVA in properly selected presbyopic patients.
Pediatric psoriasis, eczema: Triggers and therapiesIn part two of our discussion, Kelly Cordoro, M.D., associate professor of dermatology and pediatrics at the University of California in San Francisco, discusses environmental and microbial triggers and when to choose systemic therapies with Dermatology Times editorial advisor, Elaine Siegfried, M.D.
Indigo Naturalis
Indigo NaturalisIndigo naturalis is an Old-World plant with multiple uses. Used in China for centuries as a traditional medicine, current clinical studies are proving its effectiveness as well as identifying mechanisms of action.
Compounded topical corticosteroid-antibiotic combinations bring postLASIK benefitsPositive outcomes were achieved in a clinical evaluation of proprietary compounded topical corticosteroid-antibiotic combination products for treatment after LASIK.
Treatment options for psoriasis expanding
Treatment options for psoriasis expandingKey trends among topical treatments for psoriasis include the potential reformulation of systemic therapies into topical form, the search for steroid alternatives and the optimization of vehicles, an expert says.
Melasma may require aggressive combination therapy
Melasma may require aggressive combination therapySuccessfully treating melasma requires a correct diagnosis and, increasingly, combination therapy, an expert says.
FDA approves new topical onchomycosis drugThe Food and Drug Administration approved a new drug application for Jublia (efinaconazole 10 percent, Valeant), a topical treatment for onychomycosis of the toenails.
Novel cosmeceutical product line sets a new bar in topical skincareAn innovative new line of cosmeceuticals (NuvesseMD, Nuvesse Skin Therapies) is being looked at as an exciting advance in the skincare market.