Do you own an S corp? Why I made the switchHenry Rosevear, MD, discusses the pros and cons of S corporations and why he decided to create one.
Pharmacy Accounting: The Least You Need to Know
Pharmacy Accounting: The Least You Need to KnowDaily and monthly aspects of pharmacy accounting and tax preparation and planning can be complex and difficult. Proper pharmacy accounting comes down to making sure your books are current, have integrity, and operate efficiently.
Top 13 tax tips doctors need to know for 2016Tax season is inching closer—Here's everything what physicians should do to prepare.
After-tax efficiency for dermatologists
After-tax efficiency for dermatologistsMany dermatologists in private practice inadvertently lose up to tens of thousands of dollars each year by less-than-optimal management of taxes. The good news is that it possible to improve your post-tax bottom line in a number of ways.
Financial strategies: Opportunities in year-end tax planningDon’t wait until April 15 to focus on tax planning for yourself and your practice. Here’s how to get off to a positive start on the 2016 tax season.
6 tax tips to save you big moneyDepending on your circumstances you could save tens of thousands of dollars on your 2015 income tax bill. Lear how
Imagine paying less to the IRS and loving every minute
Imagine paying less to the IRS and loving every minuteThe way you categorize your payments may make a difference of $10,000 or more each year, every year of your career. Find out how.
Are your assets exposed?In today’s litigious environment, asset protection should be part of physicians’ financial plans. Doctors should educate themselves and consider getting expert advice.
How to handle an increasing income as a physicianIncreasing your income is great, but make a future plan for that added money rather than just spending more right away
CMS announces special enrollment period for tax seasonIndividuals and families who were not aware of the tax implications of not having insurance will have an opportunity to obtain coverage during a special enrollment period.