sentinel lymph node biopsy

SLNB for melanomaBiopsy can differentiate risk level for patients, but selectively indicated
Lymph-node dissection increases rates of regional disease controlLymph-node dissection is not associated with increased melanoma survival. Surgery may be best option to decrease risk for recurrence. A positive sentinel node does not automatically lead to complete dissection
Melanoma staging updatesThe American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) 8th Edition Melanoma Staging System includes important changes .
GEP test scores high in predicting probability of cancer spreadingSLNB and GEP combined – powerful predictors of metastatic risk. Learn more on the studies results.
FDA approves Lymphoseek for all solid tumorsThe Food and Drug Administration has approved a Supplemental New Drug Application for the expanded use of Lymphoseek for lymphatic mapping in all solid tumors. The approval also adds sentinel lymph node detection for melanoma and breast cancer.
FDA grants expanded use for LymphoseekLymphoseek is now approved by the Food and Drug Administration to help clinicians determine whether squamous cell carcinoma has spread to a patient’s head and neck region.
Gene profiling test identifies melanoma tumors likely to metastasizeIn the battle against melanoma, a new test has shown that it can identify primary cutaneous melanomas that are likely to metastasize in patients who had negative sentinel lymph node biopsies (SLNB). Data were presented at the 72nd Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology.
Lymphatic mapping, SLNB prolong survival for certain melanoma patientsPerforming sentinel lymph node biopsies on melanoma patients can significantly prolong a patient's disease-free life by early detection of metastasis, according to a recent study.
Investigators examine benefit of level 3 dissection in melanomaResults of a retrospective chart review revealed patients with melanoma who present with bulky axillary disease develop distant metastases very quickly, prompting the plan for a prospective study to examine the preoperative impact of shrinking tumors through the use of systemic therapy.
Standardized, individualized care for melanoma does not have to be at oddsAn individualized approach to medicine and standardized care in medicine do not necessarily have to be at odds when it comes to surgical management of melanoma.