wound healing

SkinGun technology repairs skinStem cell-infused mist with SkinGun technology offers an alternative treatment to skin burns, wounds, pigmentation disorders and scars.
Tips for optimal scar healingOne surgeon offers his tips for optimal scar healing.
Silver shows promise in early wound treatmentAn expert debunks common myths and considers future possibilities for the use of topical nanosilver in wound healing.
Using dry eye treatments for sick corneasDid you ever consider that those tools in your dry eye arsenal are also good for acutely sick eyes? I recently had a patient who drove this point home…even to my ophthalmology partner.
Critical factors in healing acute woundsOptimal wound healing practices have changed in recent years. some techniques are no longer best practice and new techniques have emerged.
Synthetic hydrogel shows promise in wound healingResearchers report that tests in healthy mice show that use of a unique gel closes wounds faster and with more normal tissue within one week. Learn more.
Dermatologists are wound care specialistsWhen routine skin injuries such as mild burns, skin tears, uncomplicated stasis ulcers and minor post-operative wound complications become a routine part of the wound care center purview and are no longer considered a part of what dermatologists can do or wish to do, the dermatology discipline shrinks further toward a marginalized specialty. Learn more
Intracorneal inlays for the correction of presbyopia and low hyperopiaNew alloplastic materials are being used as intracorneal inlays to offer predictable and safe refractive surgical correction of presbyopia and low hyperopia. The major problem with such inlays is the wound-healing response following their insertion; however, they can easily be removed.
5 vital wound care factors
5 vital wound care factorsFactors such as moisture and compression are necessary for wounds to heal and obstacles such as pressure and friction need to be removed.
Probiotics for healthy skinProbiotics, which are helpful bacteria that protect the body from harmful bacteria, are literally everywhere. In light of increasing antibiotic resistance due to over- and misuse, coupled with patients’ preferences for more holistic, natural approaches to healing, are we entering an era of anti-antibiotics and pro-probiotics?