stone disease

Study: Patients taking aspirin can safely undergo PCNLPercutaneous nephrolithotomy in the presence of aspirin appears both effective and safe. In a retrospective review of almost 300 PCNL cases, postoperative hemorrhage was uncommon in patients who continued aspirin preoperatively, said Brandon Otto, MD, at the AUA annual meeting in San Diego.
Persistent decline in renal function seen after first stone case“Our research shows that the implications of kidney stones may go beyond the discomfort they are so often associated with,” says co-lead author Andrew Rule, MD.
Hydroxycitrate may have utility in treating stonesA new laboratory study suggests that a widely available nutritional supplement has potential to become a new treatment for the wide majority of kidney stones. Clinical research is still pending, however, and there are important caveats about the findings.
Pediatric urolithiasis: Update and practical pointers
Pediatric urolithiasis: Update and practical pointersThis article provides an update on the risk factors for stone disease and its presentation in children, and offers practical tips on its evaluation, treatment, and prevention.