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How concerned are you about radiation exposure?Urology Times reached out to four urologists (selected randomly) and asked them each the following question: How concerned are you about radiation exposure?
What is the biggest stressor in your office?Three urologists discuss what causes them the most angst and the ways they try to reduce the pressure.
How do you approach giving bad news to patients?
How do you approach giving bad news to patients?“Be honest and forthright but try to do it as compassionately as possible,” one urologist advises.
How will the ProtecT study affect your care of PCa patients?
How will health care change under a Trump presidency?"I don’t know what to expect from any aspect of the President Trump camp. There is so much vagueness in what he says," one urologist said.
What is driving younger men to seek treatment for ED?“I think we’re seeing more younger men coming in with erectile dysfunction, because there’s just a lot more publicity about the issue," one urologist said.
Which presidential candidate would be best for health care?“I have difficulty seeing any real upside between the two candidates, from the physician perspective in general, or urology in particular," said one urologist.
Are you seeing more advanced prostate Ca in your practice?Three urologists give their take on the frequency of patients presenting with prostate cancer.
What websites do you recommend to patients?One urologist directs patients to the Johns Hopkins site, while another recommends the AUA homepage.
How have high cancer drug costs affected your patients?“Patients are definitely running into problems affording these medications,” one urologist told us.