Pharmacies Prepare for Back to School
Pharmacies Prepare for Back to SchoolPharmacists are the source of education for students and parents.
Immunizations Across the Adult Lifespan
Immunizations Across the Adult LifespanVaccinations in adulthood play an important role in public health and in reducing the morbidity and mortality associated with infections.
Small Doses: Pharmacy News Featuring Opioids, Ketamine, and More
Small Doses: Pharmacy News Featuring Opioids, Ketamine, and MoreSmall Doses is news for pharmacists in a way that works for you.
Anti-vaccine movement is a present-day tragedy
Anti-vaccine movement is a present-day tragedyOne of the most dangerous and active even at this time is the skepticism around the vaccination of children.
How to build an effective and financially sound vaccine programFor practices that do not routinely offer vaccinations or are struggling to maintain a successful program, we would like to offer a basic outline of the process our practice used.
Improvement in adult vaccination rates still neededRacial and ethnic disparities exist when it comes to the five vaccines routinely recommended for adults, a new study finds.
Boosting public health, one vaccination at a timeSince they see diabetic patients so often, community pharmacists who encourage vaccination can play a major role in boosting public health.
CDC discusses HPV Cancer Prevention (VIDEO)The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) discusses the importance of HPV screening, vaccination, and the role of the clinician in helping prevent HPV and related cancers. The video presents three viewpoints: An OB-GYN who treats cervical cancer, a mother / Pediatrician who had her daughters vaccinated for HPV, and a survivor of cervical cancer.
Children with cerebral palsy, epilepsy need flu vaccine but don’t always get itChildren who have neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy or epilepsy are no more likely to be vaccinated against influenza than children without these conditions, despite the increased risk for complications from flu these children experience, according to a study published online April 9 in Vaccine. Moreover, healthcare providers may not be familiar with the increased risk among these patients to effectively recommend influenza vaccine.
Measles re-emergesHealth plans and providers play a critical role in maintaining U.S. vaccination rates and can help reverse the recent MMR vaccination-rate decline, a factor responsible for the recent re-emergence of measles.