5 TED Talks for Busy DermatologistsYou appreciate big ideas, but have little free time. You could use a jolt of intelligent inspiration, but not if that requires jumping down (well, clicking through) the Internet’s rabbit hole of rubbish. Instead, here are five bite-sized carrots — short TED talks that will resonate with smart, busy dermatologists.
Loss of a father is associated with impaired cellular functionThe link between a child’s losing a father and poor health is well documented. Now a new study shines a light on the biologic factors that may underlie this association.
The Worst Pharmacy Bosses of All Time
The Worst Pharmacy Bosses of All TimeSometimes the people on top make your life miserable.
Balancing Act: Dealing with Stress in the Pharmacy
Balancing Act: Dealing with Stress in the PharmacyIt's no news that pharmacists are stressed, but how is it affecting job performance—and how do pharmacists cope?
Minnesota Law May Help Prevent Pharmacy Errors
Minnesota Law May Help Prevent Pharmacy ErrorsLaw curbs pharmacist hours to prevent errors due to fatigue.
How to Cope with Residency StressResidency programs are teaching young pharmacists how to cope with stress.
Readers reactA reader writes in to discuss the management conditions specifically related to stress.
Behavioral health top priority for employersWith a growing need for services, nearly nine in 10 employers cite behavioral health as an important priority in Willis Towers Watson survey.
What is the biggest stressor in your office?Three urologists discuss what causes them the most angst and the ways they try to reduce the pressure.
Does increased stress lead to heart attack?In this edition of Men’s Health Mythbuster, Matthew Pollard, MD, Jesse N. Mills, MD look at what impact stress really has on the cardiovascular system.