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Opinion: Medicare for all: Imminent or pipe dream?As the nation debates the future of our healthcare system, one idea gaining attention is a “Medicare-for-all” single-payer national health insurance plan.
Opinion: Biggest problems with single-payer ‘Medicare-for-all’Our policy analyst explains why he believes single payer Medicare-for-all is a pipe dream.
My $4.07 check from an insurer: A sign of the times
My $4.07 check from an insurer: A sign of the timesUrologist Henry Rosevear, MD, recalls some of his experiences working with government-sponsored health care programs.
Democratic delegate works for Sanders and single-payer healthcare
Democratic delegate works for Sanders and single-payer healthcareFor Eve Shapiro, MD, MPH, being a delegate at this year’s Democratic National Convention is just the latest expression of her dedication to progressive causes.
What single-payer healthcare would mean to doctors
What single-payer healthcare would mean to doctorsSenator Bernie Sanders has revived debate, but experts say it remains an unlikely dream in the United States.
Why pharmacists should endorse healthcare for allUnder universal healthcare, no U.S. resident will be denied healthcare services. And the chief service deniers — and payment refusers — will be restructured or gone.
Single-payer healthcare system endorsed by oncologistsTwo oncologists are calling on fellow oncologists and the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) to support a single-payer healthcare system, according to an article published in the January issue of the Journal of Oncology Practice.
Oncologists endorse single-payer healthcare systemTwo oncologists call on ASCO and their peers to support a system that will meet the needs of their patients.
Canadian-style healthcare won't workA reader says that Canada's single-payer healthcare system is not right for the United States.
Patients' voices must be heardMedical Economics readers comment on the challenges of remaining in independent practice, the advantages of the Patient-Centered Medical Home for primary care, and the shortcomings of the Maintenance of Certification program.