Yvonne Ou, MD

Lifestyle modifications may help control glaucoma progressionYvonne Ou, MD, gives patients advice about physical activity, body positions to avoid, leafy green vegetables, caffeine, and blood pressure treatment–as suggestions to help patients control their glaucoma progression.
Evidence-based answers to lifestyle questions on glaucomaYvonne Ou, MD, reviewed the scientific evidence regarding the effects of various lifestyle practices on glaucoma and IOP.
Research in retinal ganglion cells making strides
Research in retinal ganglion cells making stridesThe development of stem cell treatments for glaucoma faces big hurdles, but researchers are making rapid progress, said Yvonne Ou, MD.
Is there a link between glaucoma and dementia?For many years, researchers have suspected and tried to prove a link between glaucoma and dementia, said Yvonne Ou, MD. Definitive answers, however, have been hard to come by. Glaucoma and dementia have several factors in common: both are neurodegenerative, chronic, and progressive diseases that are age-related and cause irreversible neuronal cell loss. They are both becoming a major public health concern as the U.S. population ages.