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Your Voice: Physicians need to get back to caring about patients
Your Voice: The next U.S. Surgeon General must be a physician
Your Voice: Payer greed, not Obamacare, is the real healthcare woe
Your Voice: The answer to better healthcare is Medicare for all
Your Voice: Primary care must be the “bedrock” of healthcarePrimary care must be the “bedrock” of healthcare
Your Voice: President Trump should enact HSA-DPC option ASAPThe impact of tax-free health savings accounts (HSAs) to foster direct primary care (DPC) models will be a refreshing change to the cumbersome accounts receivable processes we are all frustrated by.
Your Voice: Physicians can save healthcare
Your Voice: I was hacked, tooThe article “I was hacked” (February 10, 2017) by Dr. George Ellis was quite timely.
Your Voice: Stop hating EHRs and do this insteadStop hating EHRs and do this
Your Voice: Price will protect physicians from medical liabilityPrice will protect physicians from medical liability