Three attributes of successful healthcare cost transparency toolsMany healthcare organizations’ cost transparency tools fall short on goals and member usage because they fail to incorporate these critical elements.
Premium Content Preview | Yelp 101 for DoctorsEveryone knows that reviews are important, but did you know that 88% of people trust online reviews as much as they would trust suggestions from a friend? As a result, review sites like Yelp can have a considerable impact in enhancing your online reputation and growing a practice. In this eBook, PatientPop shows you the importance of leveraging Yelp as a way to acquire more patients.
Negative reviews on Yelp: The physician perspectiveYou do everything right, but you still get a negative review. What should you do? Dr. Jonathan Kaplan advises.
5 quick tips to avoid bad online reviewsGoogling your name and finding a nasty review from a patient is likely a distressing experience if you’re a doctor. Experts shared some tips that physicians can use to own the online review process. Here are a few...
Dermatology ranks second to last in online reviews
Dermatology ranks second to last in online reviewsDermatologists came in second to last, ahead only of psychiatry, in a study of 23 healthcare specialties, based on more than 28,000 online Yelp reviews.
Canadian optometrist accuses Yelp of extortionA Vancouver optometrist has accused online review website Yelp of extortion, according to The Globe and Mail.
Physicians and online reviews: Patients focused on quality of careA national survey found that patients are also evaluating physicians based on diagnosis accuracy and wait times
How to handle a bad online review“You are the worst Yelper ever!” Have you ever wanted to reply to a user review with those words? I’m sure you have. Well, I do, and it feels great! It often is the most helpful and appropriate response you could make.