Clinical findings supported by new OCTA technology
Clinical findings supported by new OCTA technologySince its FDA clearance, the significant potential of OCTA has been emphasized.
Laser trabeculoplasty suitable for all open-angle glaucoma patientsProstaglandin-based topical therapy has been the ‘go-to treatment’ for open-angle glaucoma for decades. In contrast, laser trabeculoplasty has conventionally remained reserved for patients unresponsive or unable to adhere to medication-based therapy.
Experience with a novel Nd:YAG laserThe Nd:YAG laser plays a key part in ophthalmology. However, it is important to select a device that enables the best treatment results using lower energy and fewer shots
Hybrid laser allows simultaneous ablative, nonablative treatmentsA hybrid fractional laser delivers ablative and nonablative energy in the same pulse, allowing for a consistent treatment pattern and uniform results.
Quantel’s Optimus Fusion receives FDA 501(k) clearanceThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted 501(k) clearance to Quantel Medical’s Optimus Fusion integrated laser platform.