Y. Ralph Chu, MD

Scleral implant for presbyopia making accommodative gains
Scleral implant for presbyopia making accommodative gainsImplantation of an investigational device for presbyopia resulted in a minimal 2-line increase in distance-corrected near visual acuity and an actual reduction in the amount of near add needed over time, show findings from a single-center, subgroup analysis.
Switch to laser cataract surgery optimizes outcomesMaking the switch to laser cataract surgery proved beneficial for one surgeon, who experienced improvements to his LASIK enhancement rate, refractive accuracy, and visual acuity outcomes.
Modifications bring enhanced performance for femtosecond laserA femtosecond laser platform (Victus, Bausch + Lomb) features an enhanced patient interface kit with a smaller outer diameter and other modifications that bring easier handling and centration along with greater stability.
Novel laser platform aims to maximize incision accuracy, minimize damageThe VICTUS femtosecond laser platform (Bausch + Lomb) creates centered, round capsulotomies and should contribute greatly to the accuracy and predictability of cataract surgeries.
Femtophaco surgery fosters improved outcomesFemtophaco surgical procedures using a femtosecond laser have resulted in much-improved cataract and corneal outcomes.