All Healthcare is not Local: The Human Cost of Disparate Health DataTo address rising healthcare costs, clinicians have experienced countless shifting demands and requirements over the past decade. While there’s no single solution to address all of the issues that contribute to rising costs, improving care coordination across the healthcare continuum has the potential to dramatically improve patient care, reduce duplicative tests and procedures, and positively impact care quality – saving an estimated $148 billion to $226 billion annually.
Whitepaper: Patient-Focused Solutions for Higher Value Care in the Specialty Drug MarketThis whitepaper illustrates how a commitment to connecting patients to their therapies and a sensitivity to the patient journey can make the difference between success and failure.
Shopping for a New EHR: How to Pick a WinnerThis whitepaper provides a roadmap to help you find the EHR that is ideal for the way your practice works.
Premium Content Preview | Physician sentiment starting to improve?The Practice Profitability Index (PPI) provides an annual window into the issues affecting the financial and operational health of physician practices across the US. Reflecting input from more than 5,000 physicians, this third edition reveals how physicians expect practice profitability to trend in the year ahead, the top challenges they’re facing, and the key steps they're taking to shore up operations and boost financial results.
Premium Content Preview | The case for outsourcing chronic care managementIn the year since the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) approved payments to support chronic care management (CCM), practices across the U.S. have been evaluating their options.
Premium Content Preview | New options in chronic care managmentAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 130 million Americans suffer from a chronic illness - Now, Medicare patients with two or more chronic conditions have new care options that are billable under the new CPT code
Premium Content Preview | EHR Usability: How to Recognize It and Where to Find ItIn a 2014 JAMA survey, physicians reported an EHR-associated loss of 48 minutes of free time per clinic day. Similarly, an IDC Report published in 2013 found that the top reason for physician dissatisfaction with EHR software was lost productivity.
Premium Content Preview | Medical Billing Services: Make the right decision for your practice.The medical industry is growing more complex every day as insurance reimbursement rates decline, operating costs go up, and administrative challenges increase. From elaborate and confusing payment systems and intricate compliance requirements to IT-related issues like security and reliability, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage the business of your practice without losing focus on what matters most – your patients.
Premium Content Preview | 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Billing ServiceUse these questions to help guide your decision. It’s worth it to take your time evaluating your options so that you get the best service possible from the start. Kareo Billing Service gives small practices easy to use front-office tools, expert billing staff, and a flexible, refreshingly transparent approach to partnering with a billing service.
Premium Content Preview | ICD 10 Conversion, Coding Confusion, and SolutionsA physician’s visit with a patient often centers on telling the patient’s story. Yet a physician’s revenue often centers upon properly documenting and coding that patient encounter.