Wearable devices

Top 10 healthcare wearables to watch
Top 10 healthcare wearables to watchInnovation in healthcare wearables continues to drive market growth.
Will wearables and healthcare ever sync?Though technology companies are continuing to innovate in the wearable field, healthcare organizations are slow to adapt.
Seven wearable devices health execs should watchSome of the newest wearable devices on the market look very different than the wristbands that launched the industry just a few years ago.
Wearables: A healthcare fad or revolution?Wearable technologies aren’t a cure-all for lack of patient motivation and adherence, but can help if used properly
More intuitive remote monitoring technology has arrivedAs a physician, I’ve repeatedly wondered over the years when a variation of remote monitoring technology would advance to help patients. Finally, it seems that time is here.
Mobile health reduces CVD risk behaviorsAn American Heart Association Scientific Statement about the feasibility and preliminary efficacy of using mobile health technologies to reduce CVD risk behaviors was the cornerstone of the presentation of Lora E. Burke, PhD at the AHA meeting.
Wearable electronic system offers subjective refractionA new wearable adaptive refractor (VisionFit; Adaptica, Padova, Italy) for subjective refraction combines the features of trial frames and manual and automated phoropters. With this mobile device, patients can be examined while sitting or standing, and the unit itself can be easily transported.
EyeControl allows people with ALS to communicate with their eyes
EyeControl allows people with ALS to communicate with their eyesA new wearable device called EyeControl aims to give a voice to those who are unable to communicate by allowing them to speak using their eyes.
You can now track your fitness with your glasses
You can now track your fitness with your glassesA novel eyewear prototype wants to be the solution for those seeking wearable technology to track fitness and activities, but hate the bulky equipment that is required to be worn on wrists or clothing.
Apple revs up clinical researchResearch has been given a shot in the arm by Apple Corp, which recently expanded the use of ResearchKit to include clinical trials.