Walmart Pharmacy Adds Express Lanes to Its App
Walmart Pharmacy Adds Express Lanes to Its AppNew express lanes are designed to make it easier for customers to quickly fill their prescriptions.
How Walmart plans to save on genericsWalmart has decided to put all its eggs in a really big basket.
Jury awards Walmart pharmacist more than $31 millionSex discrimination and harassment were key elements of the case against Walmart.
Walmart pharmacist’s award slashed by $14 millionA federal judge has significantly reduced the amount a jury recently ordered Walmart to pay a pharmacist who claimed she was wrongfully terminated.
Walmart ordered to pay pharmacist $31 million for wrongful terminationA federal jury in New Hampshire has ordered Walmart to pay $31.22 million to a pharmacist who said she was fired after complaining about safety conditions and because of her gender.
Former Walmart pharmacist urging colleagues to join lawsuitNow that a judge has granted conditional class certification to a lawsuit claiming Walmart failed to compensate pharmacists for some time related to immunization training, the lead plaintiff is urging her former colleagues to join the litigation.
Walmart: Pharmacies weighing down corporate profitsWalmart is blaming lower margins in its pharmacy business for holding down overall corporate profits.
Pharmacist wins round in Walmart fightThe lawsuit gained new life recently when Guilford denied Walmart’s motion to dismiss it, ruling Nikmanesh had sufficiently addressed the factual allegation deficiencies in an amended complaint.
Most of pharmacists’ claims against Walmart dismissedCalifornia pharmacist Afrouz Nikmanesh’s class-action lawsuit against Walmart recently suffered a major blow with the dismissal of most of her allegations against the giant retailer.
Sam’s Club provides greater savings on generic drugsSam’s Club is offering greater discounts and some free generic medications with an expanded prescription program for its Plus and Business Plus members.