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Touch-up techniques following SMILEResearch shows that enhancement rates after LASIK range from approximately 7.8% to 20%, with regression of approximately 1 diopter after 10 years.
Intrastromal procedure favored for myopic treatmentA review of 800 cases of small incision lenticule extraction for treatment of myopia and myopic astigmatism shows an evolution in surgical indications and technique with consistently positive outcomes.
Surgeons weigh femtosecond features, factors for informed decisionsFemtosecond lasers differ in their indications, energy delivery parameters, and hardware features. Understanding the implications of these factors will enable an objective assessment of the available technology.
SMILE similar to LASIK for outcome accuracy; more predictable when treating higher myopiaSMall-Incision Lenticular Extraction for the treatment of myopia requires new surgical skills with a manageable learning curve.
SMILE using femtosecond laser brings benefits for treating myopiaSmall incision lenticule extraction (SMILE) results in similar or better refractive outcomes compared with LASIK for the treatment of myopia and with a number of advantages.