visually impaired

Helping the underprivileged to seeRoughly 300 million people are visually impaired—38 million of whom are blind and most of whom live in so-called developing countries. However, there are many institutions with specific campaigns aimed at eliminating preventable blindness.
Mental disorders on rise among visually impaired vetsBritish veterans with visual impairment suffer from high rates of mental disorder, according to researchers from King's College, London.
Study: physical activity, occasional alcohol consumption decrease vision impairment riskA physically active lifestyle and occasional drinking are associated with a reduced risk of developing visual impairment, according to a study recently published in Ophthalmology.
Big Y pharmacies help visually impaired learn about their medsSpringfield, Mass.-based Big Y is the latest retail pharmacy to add special print and audio prescription labels for those with vision impairments. Two of Big Y’s stores in Rocky Hill, Conn., and Longmeadow, Mass., are adding either a large print 'ScripView' label or an electronic 'ScripTalk' label to medications for those with low vision.